Heather Fowler's first experience with photography was at the Tyler School of Art where she majored in fine art photography. Her love for black and white photojournalism flourished while spending a semester in Italy photographing on the streets. She enjoys capturing moments in time and bringing them to life again in the darkroom or on the computer. She has been working in the wedding photography field since 1999, and enjoys bringing an artistic flair to it. Heather says: "I describe my style as clean and true to the moment. I am inspired by nature and look for beauty and quietness. If my subject seems nervous during the moments of posing for formals I use my yoga and mindfulness background to help them breathe and relax into a smile. To me, wedding photography is only part of the equation. Understanding a photographer's identity as a visual artist is the first part in hiring someone. Knowing the photographer's background and influences lets you know how they see memories and important imagery when it comes to your wedding day. With the fine art background I consider myself a person that looks for the extraordinary angles in each wedding or portrait session. With each image I look for an emotion or timeless moment like an embrace, a glance, or the way the light captures a feeling."
Heather Fowler is a lifestyle photographer who has an eye for detail, light, balance and humor. She specializes in fine art portraiture, utilizing a journalistic form. Heather's passion for photography can be seen in both her personal work and her work for hire. She photographs weddings, engagements, families, maternity, newborns, babies, children, and dogs with an exceptional, intuitive style.

Heather says,
“I grew up in a family that liked all things old, even music. Everyone was an artist and I learned to play the banjo, paint, draw and make pottery at a young age. I knew I would become an artist and sell my craft. I went to art school and fell in love with photography. I loved the way the camera could express exactly the way I was feeling through my own manipulation. I learned the fine art craft of shooting film and darkroom printing. Then the digital era came and I embraced it as a business in wedding photography.  I now know that it is the “old way” of making art that I still love today. My images emulate the way film looked and I stay true to that look. I will never go back to film for wedding photography but I try to duplicate my roots. Today I can appreciate what my parents taught me about the old ways. I find myself trying to share these same roots with my own son like slowing down to enjoy a walk in the woods and still playing banjo music! I live in the northwest section of Philadelphia with my husband Shawn, my son Jesse, and my dog Bishop. Many of our days are spent walking on the paths of the Wissahickon woods and enjoying the trees, creek and animals.